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Verena Soltiz
Dance / Music

Verena Soltiz, director born in Vienna, has a long experience with moving images in spite of her youth. She started working at the age of 19 and when she was 21 she was already a director for the ORF, the Austrian national television. Her artistic sensitivity soon was discovered by the Red Bull young talents program and she started to travel the world directing, producing and editing videos for the Austrian brand. In 2006 she directed alongside Kristian Davidek a music video for the New York band Nada Surf. The video had a strong presence around the world and was showed in festivals like Resfest, hand in hand with work from directors like her admired Michel Gondry. After that, in 2007, Verena becomes a conceptual thinker for the Red Bull TV project, directing several pilot programs for them around Europe. Her last call of attention came in 2008 when two of her films got selected from over 200 presented for the Saatchi & Saatchi Showcase in Berlin. Verena is now a confident and determined director with a young, fresh, direct, and above all, unique vision of art and film.