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Hanno studied film directing at the international filmschool cologne.  He graduated in 2008 with the award winning short film "Robin". After his studies he founds the directing team „gentlemen’s agreement“ together with fellow director Markus Sehr. Since 2014 Hanno is working solo. 


2015 he directs his first feature film the screwball comedy „Family Affairs“ for the german TV-Station NDR. In 2016 he directed his debut for cinema, the youth drama „Rock my Heart“ followed by the children’s film „Wendy2 - Best Friends Forever“ in 2017.


Being a father of three daughters Hanno loves to make films for and with children. He attaches great attention to the casting process and to a working atmosphere on set that is appropriate for children. Hanno spent his own childhood mostly in the saddle riding his fathers racehorses. In his feature films „Rock my Heart“ and „Wendy 2“ he used this knowledge to create emotional and dramatic horse scenes. 


Hanno is alway interested in decent storytelling especially within the comedy genre.